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    1. Robbing / Killing / Shooting is not allowed in green zones.
    2. You must role-play at all times, unless you're on staff duty.
    3. Meta-gaming (MG) is not allowed.
    4. Power-gaming (PG) is not allowed.
    5. Deathmatch (DM) is not allowed.
    6. Revenge killing is not allowed.
    7. Bunny-hopping is not allowed.
    8. Acronyms are not allowed in IC chat.
    9. English is the only and current language allowed in IC chat.
    10. Do not discuss IC chat in an OOC channel, vise versa.
    11. Full capitalization in chat is not allowed.
    12. Any 3rd party modifications with advantage is not allowed.
    13. You may not steal a government owned vehicles without a role-play reason.
    14. You may not drive-by as the driver of a vehicle.
    15. Do not chat with on-duty staff members without their approval.
    16. Sexual harassment must be stopped immediately once one party feels it has an OOC effect.
    17. OOC scamming will result in a loss of belongings and property.
    18. You may not rob a player with less than ten playing hours.
    19. You may not share a registered account with another player.
    20. Bank robberies require staffs approval.
    21. Taking role-play into OOC matters is not allowed.
    22. Character killed characters are not allowed to be brought back unless permissions is given by a head administrator (Supervisor)
    Those are the rules that do apply currently in-game now, be aware of the changes.
    We prefer that you follow this topic to be notified of any updates.
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